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Full program 12 DVD Discs set

$ 165.- Shipping Included

or $ 80.- files for download

Learning the Chairs program from DVD

The 12 DVD discs of the chairs program,
contain 44 short and simple processes
for reorganizing posture and ease of mobility,
are not only for people who have difficulty  
in getting down to, and stand up from the chair,
but mainly for everyone who is sitting long hours
feeling a need to do something to restore their vitality
and refresh their body,
Without needing special conditions.


Through the  CHAIRS program you can learn how to shift
your sitting  from being fixated and degenerative 
into a dynamic window of self-improvement opportunity,
with a wide choice of short and  simple movement processes,
practiced on a chair, or against the wall.
You may discover that it is possible to refresh your whole
body in  harmonious coordination and train in the weight-bearing
alignment that promotes vitality and spontaneous upright posture
while sitting.
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