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Created & Presented

Ruthy Alon Ph.D

for training in the

 water carrier's walk


Reverse the Sandglass (c)
Careful Attempt to Nurture the Brain
The Concept: Leting reversed Gravity Stimulate Blood Flow to the Head


Created and Presented
Ruthy Alon

 10 hour Workshop, 4 DVD Discs
Osteoblast Conference, NH, U.S. 2010

$ 135.- Shipping Included

or $ 80.- Files for Download

The first 2 discs are dedicated to people who are not familiar
with lowering their head down,and would like to try to recharge their memory
by stimulating more blood flow to their head.
Those processes are  guiding very careful,
gradual and secure manoeuvres of how to begin to restore
slight declining of the head in daily life.
The last 2 discs offer prophylactic strategies for people
who enjoy satisfactory level of fitness, who are concerned about
brain deterioration in the future and are interested to explore the aspect
of deprogramming the fixed relationship of the head to gravity,
which might be associated with accumulated deficiency
in blood flow for their brain.
The prevention program is training people how to reverse, from time to time,
the pyramid, getting  their pelvis up and the head down.
Those new efficient configurations for nurturing brain cells,
demand a higher daring style,  than is familiar in our basic programs,
and calling for less ambition and more patience in gradual steps.

Reverse the Sandglass movement Themes:
Disc #1 -
1. Lowering the Head - Hand Slide on Leg
2. Swinging Arms - Dangling Head
3. Getting up from the chair
4. Sweeping Head Side to Side -
    Riding Backwards on Chair
5. Inclining the Head - Behind the Chair
Disc #2 -
 6. Head Suspending  Out of the Bed - Face Down
  7. Head Suspending Out of the Bed - Face Up
  8. Falling to the Wall in Sitting - Streamlined flow
  9. Sliding the Pelvis Down the Wall - Integration Head & Torso
10. Stomping by the Wall - Supporting Head by Palm
Disc #3 -
 Bouncing on the Heels w/ Interlaced Fingers
11. Tapping the Head
12. Swinging Arms
13. Pelvis Up / Head Down - Feet Walking on the Wall
Disc #4 -
14. Cultivate the Candle Stand - Reversing  the Sandglass
15. Develop the Plough position- Using Gravity to Recharge Memory


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